Drift House


This new home is sited on a beachfront section and has been designed for a couple that love to entertain. The home has been designed to maximise views to the ocean, and consists of a series of spaces that are organised along a spine running parallel to the coast. The majority of the house is elevated on the first floor, floating over a smaller ground floor footprint. This lower footprint is nestled into the sandy dunes of the site, clad in a custom brick with an organic, textured surface that mimics its environment.

Estimated Completion: December 2021

Contractor: HR Construction Ltd

Day-to-day living is on the first floor of the house, with spare bedrooms on the ground floor, and a separate guest house to the north of the house for hosting and entertaining. By orienting the house parallel to the coast, this offers large areas of glazing to the east to capture the sea views and morning sun. Protected balconies to the East, North and West offer flexibility in outdoor living options and help connect the first floor to the coastal environment. From the north balcony, an exterior stair provides access to a covered ground floor terrace to host large gatherings.