Arthouse Architects

Tree House - Interiors

A tree house is elevated. It is small. It is safe. It is private. It is a place to look down from. The journey to it is an adventure and it is within trees or a tree. With these thoughts in mind, a design evolved where the sleepout is raised as high as possible between two large trees. It is lifted up just high enough to slide a car underneath and store firewood.

The treehouse comprises a lobby that doubles as a sleeping space, a bathroom and a larger sleeping space. This larger room is twisted and slightly raised to capture the view out to sea beyond the main bach. With windows dropping right down to the floor it is a more a look out than a room. The sleepout incorporates timber framing, timber weatherboards, timber steps and palisade, built-in timber joinery, and plywood linings. This is a small piece of carefully created architecture that is in the trees and of the trees.

Frank Byrne
Simon Devitt