Arthouse Architects

Trafalgar Centre, Southern Extension

This is a major addition and alteration project to Nelson’s indoor sports, event and performance venue.

Stage one of a two stage project to add valuable performance, sporting and seating space in conjunction with additional changing rooms, practice spaces and loading docks to this aging facility.

The Southern Extension forms a new ‘book end’ at the southern end of the existing centre. The curving exterior wall comes to a slender point on the eastern and western sides, minimising the visual impact of what is a substantial structure.

The innovative use of interior linings and exterior claddings work in conjunction with the dynamic curved wall to create an exciting high profile addition to Nelson’s public building stock.

Careful integration of structural and services engineering into the design and documentation help to create this harmonious structure. The additional height and space it creates will allow more plays, bands and sports events to be held in Nelson and the well resolved internal planning will make it a pleasure to use.

We worked with a multitude of different stakeholders on this project and were able to draw the requirements of all of them together into this landmark building.

Coman Construction Ltd.
Simon Devitt