Arthouse Architects

Moutere Hills Community and Sports Complex

This community run facility is the central gathering place for the people who live in the greater Moutere Hills area. The brief was to create a multipurpose centre housing a playgroup, large function and dining room, multi-sport hall, commercial kitchen, foyer areas for art and sponsor display, home club for tennis, netball, rugby and soccer. The design process was a collaboration of ideas between the clients, Arthouse and the various community groups represented by the Moutere Hills Trust Board. The resulting design is based around a split-level plan that allows the main function room to double as a stage to the sports hall.

The raised level creates a mini grass terrace along the north side looking out over the rugby grounds to the mountains beyond. The main entry steps and accessible curving ramps fuse together to form the display foyer, war memorial site and a welcoming entry at the east end of the two main spaces. Sustainability was considered in the form of rainwater collection, natural lighting and ventilation, high levels of insulation, double-glazing, and a wastewater treatment system. Colours and materials in each space were selected for their acoustic properties and to relate to the area and community.

Coman Construction Ltd.
Elspeth Collier