From tiny to small - this project involved adding 45m2 on to a 6m2 sleepout only a few metres from the edge of an estuary. The site - an established bach community with the ocean one side and estuary on the other. Existing trees mean that there is very little sun or light from the east and north.

Working with a height restriction the solution was to provide a 5m high mono pitched space angled to the view to the west across the estuary and capturing the mountains to the south. A lean-to on the dark northern side houses the bathroom and composting toilet. The single living space uses high level lighting to capture every bit of available sun and light.

The living area opens into the original sleepout which is still the number one sleeping spot and the new deck ties the new and old together. Sitting lightly on the site, with the deck just high enough to avoid the highest of tides, the simple palette of building materials is complemented by the owners’ furnishings - an eclectic mix of kiwi bach, pacifica and found objects.

Peter Randall, Neil Baker
Elspeth Collier