Arthouse Architects

Apartment 37 - Interiors

As with many alterations, the project began with the goal of changing one small feature of the existing space. The initial brief was to improve the stair which inserted itself awkwardly into the main space of the two-level 120m2 apartment, creating a visual interruption and spatial disconnect. The opportunity to transform the stair into an elegant sculptural piece became the catalyst for the brief to evolve into a complete overhaul of the entire apartment.
The clients are self-proclaimed minimalists with a keen interest in the aesthetic and technical aspects of design as well as a sharp eye for detail. The goal was to simplify and unify the spaces through the thoughtful application of an elegant, quiet palette of materials and lighting in order for the space to become the contemplative backdrop for viewing the bustling activity of the port.
The exercise was a valuable lesson in how subtle changes to surface, intersection and detail can transform the experience of space.
“Like the inside of a jewellery box, each space has been carefully thought about and designed, working with the limited palette of materials – oiled oak floors, planes of white, and thin, bending straps of steel.” - NZIA jury description. Scott Construction executed the project beautifully. Cronin Kitchens had been engaged to re-design the kitchen prior to the Arthouse’s involvement and the seamless integration of their contribution is due to collaborative spirit of all involved. The success of the project is marked by a sense of belonging – as if the current iteration of the space represents the way it has always been.

Scott Construction
Simon Devitt